Welcome to Year 3 at ILSG

Hey!  Welcome to Year 3, 2016 at Immanuel Lutheran School, Gawler.  How exciting!!

Miss Clarke, Mrs Rollings and Mr Newton are very, very excited to be your teachers this year. We will all learn so much together.   We know we will have a lot of fun together but there will also be some hard work, which is part of what makes us into whole caring people.

This year we are planning for you to take some huge steps towards taking charge of your learning. That means being able to ask good questions and being able to research their  answers so that you become a mini-expert on your topics.

The units of inquiry will require growing independence  but we will be helping you along the way.  One very important thing is to ask questions when you are not sure what to do.  Another important thing is to value mistakes, for they tell you what you still need to learn. There’s nothing bad about making mistakes because in our classrooms our focus is on learning and no-one knows everything.