UOI #3 Summative Assessment

Hi, everyone

We are at the business end of our UOI on commemorations and celebrations. Students are beginning research on a chosen country. Many of them are working in groups but some have chosen to work alone.

This unit will be presented at the end of Week #9 (starting Monday, 27th June, 2016)

The marking rubric (somewhat blurry) is found at below.

Summative Assessment:

  1. Make notes on each country that you ‘visit’ in the Unit of Inquiry. These will be assessed. (the note-taking has already occurred in the classroom)
  2. Write an information report on your chosen country or cultural group. Ask questions about commemorations and celebrations in that country (function). You may also ask other questions about your chosen country. Create a minimum of three (3) subheadings (or questions), however, four (4) or five (5) will be more appropriate for some students.
  3. Create a Venn Diagram recording differences and similarities between your chosen country and your Australian culture. (perspective)

Rubric UOI#3



As a reminder, this is what a Venn Diagram looks like:

Venn Diagram capture


Some people are choosing to present using PowToon.  This is a video/PowerPoint/cartoon form of presentation. You will need an email address but 3NR can use the following format: leigh.newton+firstname@gmail.com.   (where “first name” might be ‘bill’, or ‘clara’) e.g. leigh.newton+alison@gmail.com
This email for signing up will send an email to Leigh Newton who will then confirm the registration. Students will need to choose a memorable password, which should be written down for later use (because we all forget sometimes).

Time is short so if PowToons takes too long it should not be used.

Web Quest – A traditional Irish Easter

Visit this link on Celebrating a traditional Irish Easter.  – http://goo.gl/FGdqy3

Answer the following questions.  All answers are found in the text.

  1. What is one thing that people do before Easter in Ireland?
  2. On Good Friday – Why do people cut their hair?
  3. What children will have the gift of healing?
  4. Easter Saturday – What would Catholics eat during Lent?
  5. Easter Sunday – Why would Catholics go to a hill to see the sunrise?
  6. What do they do with eggs?
  7. What is a ‘Cludog’?
  8. What do merrymakers do on Easter Sunday?
  9. What is traditional food on Easter Sunday?
  10. Who gets a cake as a prize?