The Authors’ Project

The Authors Project

For genre writing this term you will become an author and create your very own book!

The book that you chose to create is up to you but some ideas might include:

– A picture book

– A recipe Book

– An information book on a favourite topic e.g. Minecraft

– An instruction book e.g. how to play Minecraft

-A biography or autobiography.

You will receive a new exercise book which is to be used as your planning scrapbook. You will need to plan out your book in a lot of detail before making the good copy.

You will need to think about the target audience (who the book is aimed at babies, little kids, school kids, adults etc.), the type of pictures (illustrations, diagrams, photos etc.), Techniques (rhyme, repetition etc.), Features (contents page, page numbers, characters, headings and sub-headings etc.) words/writing (can’t have a book with no words), and layout (how the pages will actually look).

If you chose to do something like a recipe book, information book or biography you will have to do some research to collect your information (it can’t just be made up). It will also be a good idea to look at other books that are in the library or that you have at home to get ideas about what you would like to do with your own book e.g. if you are doing a rhyming picture book, find other picture books that use rhyme and use them as inspiration to help you. Record all of this in your scrapbook.

You will have until the end of week 7 to plan and make your good copy of your book. There will be a ‘Book Launch Morning Tea’ during week 8 where you will invite a special guest to come along for morning tea and see your book be launched. You will have time during morning tea to read your book to your guest. During the ceremony you will be presented with your book and certificate by a ‘mystery guest’.


  1. Chose a book to create
  2. Plan in your scrapbook
  3. Create the good copy
  4. Due end of week 7
  5. Book Launch Morning Tea celebration in week 8
  6. Good luck and happy writing!


Starting Term 4, 2016

This year (2016) is 3/4 through, with a big Term 4 starting.  We’re now looking towards entering Year 4 and taking on the responsibility that goes with that new year level.

Here are some of the things coming up in the near future:

  1. Visit to Cleland Wildlife Park – Wednesday of Week #1  – 19th October 2016
  2. UOI#5 to be completed by Tuesday of Week #2 – 25th October 2016
  3. Year 3 Camp to Kadina – Wednesday and Thursday of Week #2 – 26th & 27th October 2016
  4. UOI#6 starts Week #3 and finishes Week #8 (Week ending 9th December).   Details to be listed on this blog in the next few days.

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