UOI#4 How the World Works

How the World Works

Week #1-6, Term 3, 2016

Central Idea: Energy exists in different forms and is used in many ways

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. What is energy? (forms of energy)
  2. The production and transfer of energy
  3. Why we need energy


Function-How does it work?

Form- What is it like?

Change- How has it changed?


The six sources of energy

The 6 sources of energy from this video clip:

  1. Mechanical Energy
  2. Chemical Energy
  3. Radiant Energy
  4. Electrical Energy
  5. Nuclear Energy
  6. Thermal Energy


Sites for students to explore:

Sources of energy

Introduction to energy: Tiki, the Penguin’s Guide to Energy – Introduction to energy

What is energy: Tiki the Penguin’s Guide to Energy

Learn about different types of energy: solar, wind, hydro, biomass

Links to energy sites: Tiki the Penguin’s Guide to Energy

Curriculum Materials – CoolAustralia.org

Originenergy.com.au – teacher resources – good for students.  (Topics) How hungry are your appliances? Black or white, Carbon dioxide in the environment, Energy detectives, Energy investigations, Heat on the move

Originenergy.com.au – students – (Topics) Be energy smart, Energy and the environment, Energy from the sun, Sources of energy, What is energy?, Wind energy.

Physics for Kids: Energy

Taking action with Enviro Week – Sept 11-17th, 2016

What is energy?

Energy and kids – Energy principles, Energy history, Science and energy, Save energy, Classroom activities, Uses of energy, Energy facts.

Behind the News – rubbish to power a town   ABC news article on the same story.

Potential and kinetic energy – Youtube

Heat energy – Youtube

Worldometers – find out how much C02 has been emitted (produced) this year

Fossil fuel and renewable energy production this year.

Ask the Science Master here,  check for your answer here (the Science Master may give you some ideas for finding the anwers).